Arrival to La Gomera

Arrival by ferry from Tenerife

Although the island of La Gomera has its own airport in "Playa de Santiago", this is not usually served by flights from Central Europe. The arrival by plane must therefore be via the neighboring island "Tenerife". From the "Tenerife South" airport in the south, La Gomera can be easily reached by ferry (taxi ride between the airport and ferry terminal approx. €30 per taxi ride, ferry connection from approx. €32 per person and direction). Attention: the second airport of Tenerife "Tenerife North" is located in the north and is not recommended for the journey to La Gomera.

For the crossing from Tenerife there are two different ferry companies that run several times a day between "San Sebastián de la Gomera" and "Los Cristianos".
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Fred Olsen

Naviera Armas

Depending on the arrival time of the plane, an overnight stay in Tenerife must be planned (e.g. in “Los Cristianos” or in “Playa las Americas”).

La Gomera: arrival and departure is by ferry (from Tenerife)

Bus driving on La Gomera

Scheduled buses on La Gomera

There are several regular buses on La Gomera, the timetables of which have remained the same for years and can therefore be prayed down by heart by almost every islander. If you don't want to rely on it, you can of course also find out more on the official website ( The website is only available in Spanish. Unfortunately, the route there is currently only visible as a list of intermediate stations and is not drawn on a map, which makes it difficult for anyone who is not familiar with the area to understand the route.

We have therefore visualized the route for the two most important bus lines No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 here (as of December 2016):

Tip: For some time now, the La Gomera bus timetable has also been presented excellently on the following website - including intermediate stations and departure times: