about us

We are enthusiastic long-distance hikers and love being out in nature for a few days on holiday with just our backpacks! For several years, we have also been fascinated by the rather unknown, Mediterranean long-distance hiking trails.

The combination of mountains and sea and the opportunity to stay in beautiful and mostly very individual accommodation is always a reason for us to dream of our next hiking holiday!

However, the research effort before the holiday was often quite large and we were sometimes really surprised that some hiking trails are excellently laid out and well signposted on site, but at the same time remained totally unknown on the net. On our circular hike on La Gomera, we therefore decided to document this hiking trail online and make it better known. In retrospect, that actually worked out much better than expected: In the meantime, the travel magazine "Geo Saison" has reported extensively on the GR-132 in the "Special Canary Islands" (to the booklet) . Other articles about the GR-132 also appeared here: Mirror online and SZ magazine. But don't worry: the hiking trail is still far away from mass tourism!

The many positive feedback on the La Gomera website has encouraged us and so in the meantime more great hiking holidays with the associated website have been created and a few more are planned! You can find a current overview here:


We look forward to sharing our enthusiasm for hiking with you!