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Hiking maps & smartphone app

Für unterwegs empfehlen wir die Nutzung einer Smartphone-Karten-App wie z.B. Outdooractive ( Diese kostenlose App ist für alle gängigen Smartphones verfügbar (u.a. für Android und iOS). Dort lassen sich unsere GPS-Routendownloads/GPX-Dateien importieren!

Wir haben auf Grund zahlreicher Nachfragen Anleitungen rund um die Outdooractive-App erstellt:

If you want to use a printed hiking map in addition to the smartphone map app or instead, you now have the option of purchase a PDF hiking map for La Gomera.


Neben den hier auf diese Website gezeigten Online-Karten bieten wir bieten alle Routen auch kostenlos als Download im GPX-Datei-Format an. Das GPX-Datei-Format ist ein Standard-Dateiformat für Routeninformation und Wegpunkte. Es lässt sich z.B. mit der von uns empfohlenen Smartphone-App Outdooractive öffnen (Infos und Link:

Route download – stage 1

Route download – stage 2

Route download – stage 3

Route download – stage 4

Route download – stage 5

Route download – stage 6

Now new: Stage descriptions as an eBook!

Due to the many inquiries, the stage descriptions for the circular hike are now available as an e-book, which you can download here for free:
(Font size optimized for reading on the smartphone or for paper printouts with the print option "two pages per sheet").

eBook in pdf format

Directions and information about the circular hike on La Gomera as a pdf document (German).

Hiking map as a pdf download

Despite all the advantages of digital maps, it is always practical and helpful to also hold a paper map in your hand.

Under we are therefore now offering hiking maps in pdf format for you to download and print out yourself. Our PDF hiking map for La Gomera contains 18 pages. The map scale is 1:25,000 (when printed on DIN A4 paper). In addition, the La Gomera circular hike is already marked on the hiking map.


The PDF hiking map consists of sheets A1 to E4, each of which can be printed out on DIN A4. A day's stage includes an average of about 3 sheets.

GPX file import in the Viewranger app: brief instructions

The Viewranger app offers the possibility to import GPX files with GPS route information. Unfortunately, the Viewranger app is not entirely self-explanatory in this respect and the import is a bit cumbersome.

There are two steps to displaying a GPS route in the Viewranger app:

1.) Transferring the files to the smartphone (two alternative possibilities):

a) Connect via Dropbox

b) manual file transfer to the file directory of the smartphone app

2.) Choice, which of the transmitted routes should be displayed on the map ("import").

The procedure differs somewhat, depending on whether you are using the iPhone or the Android version of the app. The official Viewranger support page explains the individual steps in English (iOS - Advanced Topics or. Android - Advanced Topics). 

We explain the procedure for transferring files to the Viewranger app in the following section using the iPhone app - both for Dropbox import and for transfer via iTunes.

Overview of all stages: map

All stages are also available as a download in GPX format for use in combination with a suitable smartphone app or an outdoor GPS device. Click here for file downloads.