Bus lines on La Gomera: Line 2 (San Sebastián – Vallehermoso)

Bus line 2 on La Gomera connects the island's capital San Sebastián de La Gomera with Vallehermoso (destination of stage 3) or with Hermigua (end point of stage 4). Line 2 runs several times a day in both directions and goes to the following places (research status: January 2020):

  • Vallehermoso
  • Tamargada
  • Las Rosas
  • agulo
  • Hermigua
  • San Sebastian

The official departure times can be found here: www.guaguagomera.com. However, the times given there only refer to the starting stop. When the stops are then reached, you have to theoretically calculate yourself based on the distance. Unfortunately, this is very customer-unfriendly, but it hasn't changed on La Gomera for years.

Tip: The bus timetable from La Gomera - including the intermediate stations - is much clearer on the following website:


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  1. hello. thanks for your great site. :)
    the journey times on/via moovitapp are unfortunately incorrect. e.g. departure times in san sebastian line 1 and 7.

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