Bus lines on La Gomera: Line 1 (San Sebastián – Valle Gran Rey)

Bus line 1 on La Gomera connects the island's capital San Sebastián de La Gomera with the "Valle Gran Rey" and stops at all places in between. Of particular interest for all GR-132 hikers are the stops at the "Pajaritos" roundabout just below the island summit (entry into stage 1) and the stations in Chipude (shortening of stage 1), Las Hayas (destination of stage 2) and Arure ( crossing point of stage 2 and stage 3). The following places are served by bus line 1 (research status: January 2020):

  • Estacion de Valle Gran Rey
  • Playa
  • La Puntilla
  • Vueltas
  • Calera
  • Guada
  • Arure
  • Las Hayas
  • El Cercado
  • chipude
  • Igualero
  • Pajaritos
  • Degollada de Peraza
  • San Sebastian de La Gomera

The official departure times can be found here: www.guaguagomera.com. However, the times given there only refer to the starting stop. When the stops are then reached, you have to theoretically calculate yourself based on the distance. Unfortunately, this is very customer-unfriendly, but it hasn't changed on La Gomera for years.

Tip: The bus timetable from La Gomera - including the intermediate stations - is much clearer on the following website:



  1. Great thanks very helpful!
    However, what is always missing in Spain is the information when the bus is where, resp. how many minutes it takes for the individual sections of the route.

    • Hello Corina, Yes, unfortunately you are right. But on La Gomera there is only one route for most connections (the one via the middle of the island). The departure times at the stops can really only be estimated. That's how it is, unfortunately.

  2. Hello Frank,
    are on the island in 3 weeks. Is there no timetable for line 1? Have to return to Valle Gran Rey by bus from Arure. Or do they run every 20 minutes?

    • Hello Klaus,
      Unfortunately, the buses only run every 2-3 hours. The timetable can be found on the official website of the bus company (see link above). There under the menu item "Lineas/horrarios...". However, traditionally only the departure time at the starting stop is given there. When exactly the bus reaches the stopover, you have to estimate yourself or rely on the information from a third-party provider, e.g Moovitapp.com.
      I hope this helps you further! Many greetings

  3. Yesterday the bus from las hayas went around the top, so a different route than described. It drove through the forest, past las creces, and you could have gotten in there too. Important to know for people who want to walk in the forest.

  4. hello....we arrive at 10.20 with the ferry and our bus leaves at 10.30 to valle gran rey...can we make it?
    Thank you very much and lg Ulla

  5. Does anybody know how to get from Valle Gran Rey early in the morning to catch the boat from 8AM back to Los Christianos? Thankx

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