Stage 1: accommodation

Hotel Jardin Concha

The Hotel Jardín Concha is a small, friendly hotel with simply but neatly furnished and always very clean rooms (Link: Hotel Jardin Concha). Perfect for hikers: Located almost directly on the GR-132 in the district of "La Calera" and plenty of space on the balconies and terraces to relax or dry laundry.

There is a very tasty breakfast here, which can be taken on the roof terrace in good weather.

There is a wide range of other accommodation options in Valle Gran Rey. From small pensions to 4-star hotels, everything is represented. When booking accommodation, however, you should pay close attention to the location: The municipality of "Valle Gran Rey" consists of several districts, some of which are several kilometers apart. The district "Las Hayas" (destination of stage 2) also belongs to the municipality of Valle Gran Rey, but is over 1000 meters higher than La Calera! For stage 1, the districts of La Playa, La Calera or the easily accessible accommodation Hotel Gran Rey (3 stars, higher proportion of package travelers, link:  Hotel Gran Rey) or the Apartamentos Charco del Conde (apartment complex with simple but spacious rooms, pool, beach location, link: Apartments Charco del Conde).

For booking accommodation we recommend: our tabular planning aid.

Option: Two nights in Valle Gran Rey

If you want to take the circular hike on La Gomera slowly and have some time, it might be worth spending two nights in Valle Gran Rey. It is not for nothing that this part of La Gomera is the most popular holiday region on the island, numerous cafés and restaurants and a bit of hippie flair make your stay very pleasant and relaxed.

Tips for daytime activities in Valle Gran Rey:

  • Bathing in the Atlantic: One of the most beautiful natural beaches of La Gomera is located at the southwest end of Valle Gran Rey behind the district "Playa de la Calera".
  • Short hike to the waterfall at "El Guro": A very popular and family-friendly hike leads to the waterfall near the artist's village "El Guro", which is well worth seeing.
  • demanding day hike through the rocky gorge "Barranco de Argaga"The hike described here The first part leads up through a spectacular rocky gorge, but the second part is identical to the descent into Valle Gran Rey from our stage 1. If you want, you can instead extend the hike to El Cercado or Chipude and from there take the bus back to the Valle Drive Gran Rey (currently daily except Sundays with line 1, Note the bus timetable).

The natural beach "Playa del Inglés" is one of the most beautiful on the island