Book accommodation – made easy

To make travel planning easier, you can use the table below, in which you can enter the planned start date and the number of overnight stays per stage. After the date values in the table have been updated, you can search for available rooms in the accommodations we recommend for each stage with the corresponding check-in dates on The selected date from the table should be adopted automatically.

number of overnight stays
(per milestone)
accommodation search
with these dates
Recommended accommodation
San Sebastian de la Gomera
Arrival day (optional)
xx.xx.xxxxxx.xx.xxxxHotel Torre del Conde
La Calera (Valle Gran Rey)
Milestone 1
xx.xx.xxxxxx.xx.xxxxHotel Jardin Concha
Las Hayas
Milestone 2
xx.xx.xxxxxx.xx.xxxxJardin Las Hayas
Milestone 3
xx.xx.xxxxxx.xx.xxxxAparthotel Triana II
milestone 4
xx.xx.xxxxxx.xx.xxxxHotel Ibo Alfaro
San Sebastian de la Gomera
Milestone 5 (and 6)
xx.xx.xxxxxx.xx.xxxxHotel Torre del Conde
....or Playa de Santiago
alternative milestone 6
relaxation days
on the south side
We have tested our tabular booking aid several times, but we cannot guarantee that the date is always correctly transferred to Please check the date again before booking!