Stage 5: Map with variant from "El Atajo"

From waypoint 8 there is the option of leaving the asphalt road to San Sebastian and continuing on the ridge that runs parallel to the valley. We have included this variant here based on Dorothee's feedback that it is a very worthwhile and promising route.

This trail is marked in yellow on the map below and identified as #11. However, the information about this path is contradictory: In other maps, this route is not shown as path no. 11 but as "PR LG 1". The path is then even marked as GR-132 on site... The entrance to this path is directly at the bar in "El Atajo".

Danger: If you choose this variant, you have to be prepared for approx. 650 additional meters in altitude (both ascent and descent) and a 4 km longer route!

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