How-To: Add Files to ViewRanger App via iTunes (iPhone)

iPhone: GPX files can also be synchronized via iTunes or imported into the Viewranger app

GPX file import via iTunes explained step by step (Instructions for iOS or iPhone).

Danger: The screenshots below are from an outdated version of the Viewranger app. You can find more recent instructions at


  1. Dear Mr. Ehlers,

    Just THANK YOU!

    I have never experienced such a super website. I was immediately inspired and booked my flight, ferry and all accommodation for January 2017. I'll tell you when I've been there. If you do a circular hike again and create such a website again, please let us know.

    • Hello Mr Boening!

      Thank you for the great compliment! I am very happy - and that was also the aim of the website - if this beautiful but relatively unknown hiking trail gets a little more encouragement and inspires people with a similar holiday taste as ours.
      I'd be happy to give you some more tips:

      • Hiking in Italy: In six stages on the CAI-300 along the Amalfi Coast from Salerno to Sorrento. Explored by us in May 2016 and recently online:
      • Hiking on the Costabrava: The GR-92 runs from the French-Spanish border along the coast to just before Barcelona: route description under

      I'm looking forward to your report!
      Many greetings
      Frank Ehlers

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