GPX file import in the Viewranger app: brief instructions

The Viewranger app offers the possibility to import GPX files with GPS route information. Unfortunately, the Viewranger app is not entirely self-explanatory in this respect and the import is a bit cumbersome.

There are two steps to displaying a GPS route in the Viewranger app:

1.) Transferring the files to the smartphone (two alternative possibilities):

a) Connect via Dropbox

b) manual file transfer to the file directory of the smartphone app

2.) Choice, which of the transmitted routes should be displayed on the map ("import").

The procedure differs somewhat, depending on whether you are using the iPhone or the Android version of the app. The official Viewranger support page explains the individual steps in English (iOS - Advanced Topics or. Android - Advanced Topics). 

We explain the procedure for transferring files to the Viewranger app in the following section using the iPhone app - both for Dropbox import and for transfer via iTunes.