Accommodation General

Booking of accommodation

Unfortunately, the official GR-132 does not run in such a way that there is not enough or even any accommodation for hikers at every stage destination. Since wild camping is officially forbidden and not everyone's thing, we have modified the route a bit in the variant described here, so that a shower, fresh towels and a bed are guaranteed every evening.

We recommend booking in good time, as despite our variant, depending on the location, there are sometimes only a few beds available. If you would like to reserve your overnight stays via, you are welcome to use ours tabular planning or booking aid to use.
Another tip: In any case, you should check again whether you have entered the correct date for all overnight stays - when booking five or six accommodations in quick succession, it is much easier to make careless mistakes than you think! This is one of the reasons why we chose the one just mentioned Circular hike planning aid thought up.

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